Spot GSR - 79.1
Eagle GSR - 48
Cheap GSR - 66.8

The Eagle gold to silver ratio for trading purpose only works if you can actually buy ASEs for something near what you can sell them for. As it is, I don't see how ratio trading can work with physical (unless you have a special relationship with a dealer). Back when the silver dollar was first used, the public could actually bring in silver to be fabricated into silver dollars; someone with extra silver brings it to the mint to be made into the legal currency, and it's done. Maybe there was a nominal fee?

I'm not sure. However look into the cost of fabricating common coinage. How much does it take to make a copper dollar coin these days? They can make silver dollars for a similar fee. I'm pretty sure that cost is not more than a few cents. I see no reason the buy-sell spread needs to be so high. It's as if someone in charge does not want people actually trading with gold and silver coin, as we once did.

To bad some large mints can't come along to bring vastly lower premiums to the masses. We can no longer expect any help from the government on this matter, as they are part of the current fraud dollar conspiracy. However, if there is a large enough scale - -could not some private mint fabricate gold and silver coins in such numbers, that trade between gold and silver will once again become practically possible, as had been going on for 100's of years, 100's of years before we had the efficiency of modern production?