During his U.S. visit to Congress, Pope Francis praised House Speaker John Boehner’s green tie as a symbol of hope. But as much as the Pope tried to focus on a hopeful message -- of Congress striving for a common good -- his visit took place six days before a possible government shutdown.

While he blessed America, he was highly critical of its partisanship and dysfunction. As for the visibly emotional Boehner during the Pope’s speech, the House Speaker stunned fellow Republicans on Friday, telling them he’ll resign at the end of October.

A majority of retail investors and market professional expect to see higher gold prices next week, according to the Kitco New Wall Street vs. Main Street Gold Survey. The survey found that 51%, are bullish on gold in the short-term.
Next week will definitely be interesting as Congress’ Sept. 30 deadline looms and we will have to wait and see how gold reacts.

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