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Thread: Nasdaq Closing Bell: 'People Are Still Willing To Invest In Jewelry' - Xcel Brands CEO

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    Default Nasdaq Closing Bell: 'People Are Still Willing To Invest In Jewelry' - Xcel Brands CEO

    Market uncertainty has investors on edge, but has this state of mind spilled over to the average consumer? Kitco News joins Xcel Brands CEO, Robert D’Loren, at the Nasdaq closing bell to talk about how he sees his business, particularly jewelry brands, affected by weaker metals prices. "People are still willing to invest in jewelry,” he tells Daniela Cambone, adding that price points are just a lot more sensitive than they were a few years ago due to the weaker gold price. However, demand for precious metals jewelry is still solid, he says. “Bracelets in both gold and silver are trending really well for us, as well as watches,” he notes. “Customers are still there, we just need to adjust our price points for the customer in today’s market.” Xcel Brands is a company focused on the acquisition, design and licensing, marketing and retail sales of consumer brands. The company recently announced a strategic partnership with Hudson’s Bay Company and Lord & Taylor, as well as acquired the bankrupt C. Wonder brand in early August. Kitco News, September 2, 2015.

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