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Thread: Mark Weldon is making undies with silver

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    Default Mark Weldon is making undies with silver

    There are many uses for silver other than hoarding, I mean stacking. There is a story on CNBC about smart underwear today. As a biker and stacker, this is great news. Currently wearing bamboo t-shirt $35 and Smartwool socks are $20 to ward of stinks. I wonder how much silver is used for a set of t shirt and boxer?

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    Nothing worse than Fractionally sized people with 100 Oz. Bar stink .......

    Since there seems to be no stopping our new Twenty-first Centuries ideology of Socialism and "Progressive" ways maybe they'll start handing out stink free garments next election cycle ......
    You now, just to show how tolerant we all our these days

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    Now you lost me, please explain to me that how using silver in garments are political?

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