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Thread: Kooks, koalas, Libertad's, Somali elephants, Brittannia's, Ase's, Maple Leafs?

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    1 libertad, 1 maple leaf, 10 ASE or is it 11, none of the rest.
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    Recommend trying one of everything at some time. A little extra premium is almost meaningless on one coin in the scheme of things. Then collect what you like the most. However be true to your goals. If your goals are sell at a certain price point you can be a little colder to that. Having that special piece is nice but makes it harder to do what must be done. Stock in a company is just a number, silver is more, however, if you want to dump it in the future that is a consideration.

    I am partial to eagles. Especially if you can collect slowly. Look at older eagles, people pay a pretty premium for them. Any time you can find any older eagle at the same price as new, buy it. Eagles are nice because the copper content is meaningless for trade- in purposes, however, gives your coin immeasurable protection. Canada, pure as heck ,but I wonder if they will look mint 20 years from now ,if you stored them in a sealed air free tomb. But Eagles you can throw them in the garage and people will probably pay a premium for them 20 years from now.

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    Kooks are 19.45 at prov. Would you guys say now seems like the time to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sliver45 View Post
    As a true Perth Bullion collector, this is really how I collect bullion.

    1.) Koala's....if your just buying but if you got them from the rock and roll..Raw..not graded..You submit them for grading yourself!
    2.) Kooks.....Yuppers....Scoop all the set in Raw, and send them into submission for the grade.

    This is what I do real fast 2 if you can at least ensure you get a MS70 dmpl on one grade. NEVER open the capsule man! send it in as is, I dont care what the company says about flipping the dam thing.

    everything else is pretty much lcs bullion at about 3 bux over spot,,or what you can get online to save a bit. Basic Bullion 3-4$ premium.

    Perth ALWAYS goes up,,,,NOT that shark crap, or country shaped garbage,etc..Thats junk. Stay away from it!

    Collect the set. I have mine all in MS70's with a few 69's DMPL,,,and I love them, and would never sell, but I could in a flash as what I see online.

    Mercanti is the best engraver, but Perth Rocks!,,,and Mercanti's latest project IS with Perth. So that set is gonna Rock also!
    Thanks for the Info. Are you saying its too late to buy in on koalas? I'm not quite following

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    For pure resale value, I would say Kooks (mostly predictable increases in value), and then Libertads (unpredictable increases in value). I know nothing about the resale value of Koalas or Elephants. I guess I put Elephants in the same category of Noah's Arks...I like them, and I will own them, but I put them on the lower end of the coin value spectrum. (I'm fine for someone to demonstrate that I am wrong.) Britannias have had high resale value in the past, so I initially looked at them like Kooks, but I now expect them to drop down to a resale value comparable to ASE's, since they no longer have a different design every year, and their mintage numbers are increasing to demand levels.

    I'm in the US. For recognizability and liquidity, I buy American Eagles, Maple Leafs and Libertads at a ratio of about 5:1:1.

    I buy some current year Kooks as well, because of the resale value mentioned above. I have no particular attraction to them, and I plan on selling them before I sell any others.

    I also buy some current year Britannias solely because I like them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyethievery View Post
    Kooks are 19.45 at prov. Would you guys say now seems like the time to buy.
    I thought eagles and maple leafs under $20 were a good Kooks!!! Just placed my order, thanks for the heads up. I don't mind paying a premium for items that are high on my list. But, the kilo Kooks rule, they are my favorite coin minted.

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    Glad to help out!

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    Libertads are the most attractive rounds of the gov't issues IMO, but I don't think they have the pest potential for appreciation/retention of value. Due to the masses being sheeple and following the heard, I'd stick wit ASE's for that purpose, but I'd never expect more then a few bucks premium. They are so overproduced.
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    Britts are a really good deal at provident right now too. Hope they stay there for a bit longer

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    ASE, Britts and Phils in that order.
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