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Thread: What amount of debt is sustainable for the U.S.?

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    He's good at bankrupting, but what he wants is zero percent interest because he's a real estate mogul, yeah the only thing he could make money off is tangibles because real estate goes up 6% every year on average. He's not completely stupid, but the interpretation on his intelligence is directly related to the intelligence of the populace in general. We are only as smart and successful as the people we surround ourselves with. Neither party is worth it's salt in America, and because we don't have run off voting, the vote is mostly around 50/50 on our presidential elections, also the elections are bought with money, it's no secret that campaigns with more money usually win.

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    For us “nationalists”, despite some well intended policy that could only have counter-productive unintended consequences, I can’t help but wonder (with positive thoughts) about what Trump could have accomplished had he not been tied up by Never Trumpers, socialist media and democrat citizen opposition.

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    The real reason that the US can print what seems to be unlimited debt is that other countries are also.

    BUT.... if the US prints a lot more than the others than you will have the end game , what Peter Schiff has been predicting for a long time , US dollar erosion causing rampant inflation.

    I think they all know this, so either the rest will pick up the pace or more likely the US will slow their pace, to that of the others.

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