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Thread: Ultra cameo ASE's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digbird View Post
    Good to hear JM. So many against graded/slabbed, so this helps prove there is a healthy market for them. I'd go back and buy the guy out.
    I actually went to see him this morning and got the last 3 ultra cameo's he had left plus 2 other proof or 70 graded something lol I'm still learning these graded coins and they have all kinds of crap on them that I don't understand yet like " first strike gem BU"


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    Quote Originally Posted by captainsilverton View Post
    trade vs sell can often be more lucrative to the one holding, holding what the other wants.......yes, good job....

    Oh yeah! Last few trades I've made out well plus got some really rare bars I've been looking for.


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