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Thread: Rounds with Dates

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    Hi Max, Thanks for the additional feedback. Saw it on my phone later this morning upon reaching my destination. Very interesting about the rounds with firearms. Great move on your part. I appreciate the time you took to look around..........Mike

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    Silverhill, yes, quite welcome. I did well on the flip and the folks that bought my "special" niche rounds were delighted to have them as well. Remember, there may be MAY BE a market for certain items if you think outside the box. It may take a bit of time to find that certain someone that has the cash combined with the desire to own an item that may or may not necessarily be rare. I have no idea how many of those weapons rounds were minted but they came to me at well below spot in a few hundred rounds purchase and sold quickly on the appropriate venue targeting the end purchasers. stay well and keep stacking and keep your focus on your end goals.

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