It is jobs 'day and gold was firmer in early U.S. trading Friday, following the much-anticipated April employment report that didn't bring about any major surprises.
Gold's upside reaction to the as-expected jobs report suggests the bears had become exhausted on a near-term basis says Kitco's technical analyst, Jim Wyckoff.
Ok, ok....we know a lot of you don't care about these job numbers BUT the U.S. dollar index sold off a bit on the jobs data, which is a bit surprising and good news for gold and silver.

It was a big week for Kitco News, filming Frank Holmes during the Opening Bell at the NYSE. We also brought back fan favorite Gerald Celente who is still pessimistic on world economies and bullish on gold.
Finally and most importantly it's Mother's Day weekend! Let's remember to celebrate all Moms!

For Jim Wyckoff's analysis of the jobs report and Gold market trends, an interview with Gerald Celente, the latest mining trends and many more stories including a golden idea for a mothers' day gift,

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