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Thread: The Fed Makes Equities Go Into Cardiac Arrest - Gerald Celente

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    93 million out of work and not counted in the latest April job numbers.. which we all know are fake and will be revised down later.
    Gerald got that right.
    There is no economic growth.
    In fact there are more and more folks out of work up north these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainsilverton View Post
    yawn!!.. 5 plus minutes of old thoughts?..........another talking head... that is my opine

    Yawn, yes, a litany of stuff we already know, but he added to the lot the yemen and S arabia story, so some sticks more on the Mikado game.

    When is yellen gonna rise the rate? The ratehike is the modern "Arlesienne".
    ( a theaterplay in which during the whole play they talk about her but she never comes on the scene).


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