Ok, we can all breathe a sigh of relief with no major U.S. economic data out today and Wednesday’s Federal Open Market Committee conclusion behind us….for now.
In turn, it's a quieter marketplace Friday morning compared to the volatility we saw earlier this week. As of newsletter time, the U.S. dollar index and crude oil prices were weaker while gold prices were holding on to gains garnered post-FOMC. Chart This star Gary Wagner says he wouldn't be shocked to see gold head higher.

We will see what the Fed’s April meeting has in store and if we can gather more concrete clues as to when the rate hikes will finally happen. As Peter Hug says, it has not only been hovering over gold, but all markets.
For Peter and Gary's full analyses, as well as information about the LBMA's new electronic-based version of the London Gold Fix, the London Gold Price,

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