No? Nothing? Not yet?

Well, lucky for these folks they have! This week, our intrepid reporter Neils Christensen – or Indiana Jones as he is known in the office – reported on a father-son team of explorers discovering a collection of very rare ancient coins. The discovery was made in a cave in the Galilee region of Northern Israel. The coins are more than 2,000 years old, dating back to the time of Alexander the Great. Adding to the allure, the coins and jewelry were believed to have been hidden in the caves by someone fleeing the area during a time of political unrest.

And if you ever needed proof that gold and silver are a store of value, then you should take a class at the University of Buffalo. This week, the university announced what they have dubbed “the discovery of the century” as a collection of 55 ancient Greek and Roman coins were unearthed from its library archives.

For the full story on this exciting discovery and analyses on the coming FOMC meeting,

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