Kitco News kicks off coverage of PDAC at CPM Group's Silver Reception as Daniela Cambone speaks with CPM managing director Jeff Christian to get his thoughts on gold and recent precious metals manipulation allegations. According to Christian, there is no evidence of manipulation. "The precious metals markets are incredibly unregulated, as are all commodity markets, and the commodities markets, in general, have been unregulated for decades," he says, adding that this is why regulators are starting to look into the markets now. "You have no evidence [of manipulation], and what you are finding is sloppy banking and sloppy regulators," he says. Looking to gold prices, he expects a few more dips in the coming months but is confident in higher gold prices. "Our expectation is that the price has made its low, it may go down and test $1,180 [or] $1,170 a few more times in the next several months….and then it'll start moving higher." Tune in now for more of our coverage from PDAC 2015 in Toronto. Kitco News, March 2, 2015.