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Thread: FOMC May Hold Rates Until 2016, GDP To Come In Around 3% - Peter Hug

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    Default FOMC May Hold Rates Until 2016, GDP To Come In Around 3% - Peter Hug

    Kitco News catches up with Peter Hug before the Federal Open Market Committee policy meeting comes to an end on Wednesday. “Today, I don’t think [the Fed will] do anything,” he says, adding that it is important to watch the central bank’s language. “I just think the Fed is going to take into consideration what’s happening globally, and in that context, I agree a rate increase on the Fed is probably not likely until 2016,” he adds, echoing comments from a Morgan Stanley senior economist who says she doesn’t expect a rate hike until March of next year. Hug also shares his thoughts on U.S. growth data, due for release on Friday, and says he expects GDP numbers to come in “probably a little higher than 3%.” Watch Now! Kitco News, January 28, 2015.

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    Riddle me this. What has ZIRP (Zero Interest) done for the economy? We have been ZERO BOUND for ALMOST 7 YEARS.


    And now Peter think they are going to push it to 2016?

    Think, think hard people...does this make sense?
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    There is no Honesty in our monetary system. Gold is the only Honest Money.
    Never Negative

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