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Thread: Would You Like Gold With That? The $1,770 Glamburger

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    Default Would You Like Gold With That? The $1,770 Glamburger

    Editor's Picks
    by Daniela Cambone

    Gold took a break on Friday after having a big week, bouncing off the December 2013 lows, with the focus now shifting away from the metal.

    One big feature in the market today was the plunging crude oil prices. As our technical analyst Jim Wyckoff wrote this morning, “Nymex crude oil futures hit a two-year low of $83.59 a barrel early Friday.” The other major market feature was the big sell off in the U.S. stock indexes, which Jim says, “saw prices hit two-month lows overnight."

    In lighter, more appetizing news, we featured the world’s most expensive burger this week. Priced at US$1,770, the glamburger - created by London-based Honky Tonk restaurant - has everything from beluga caviar, white truffles and GOLD!

    Not to Miss! Kitco News is turning 5 next week and we wanted to share in the celebration with you. It will be a week full of special video and print coverage with returning first-ever guests. How much gold did you need to buy a home in 2009 versus today? We’ll have great topics for you so stay tuned!

    Also, why not combine sun and investments, and join us Nov. 16-20 as we head to the Cayman Islands for the Grand Cayman Liberty Forum. The all-star keynotes include Doug Casey, Adrian Day and our very-own Peter Hug.

    In the meantime have a great weekend. And for our Canadian audience, Happy Thanksgiving; gobble, gobble!

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