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I hope he comes back and shows you all by using his gig money he made with the guitar to buy 40 OZT or more at what ends up being the bottom
you never know.. I have music equipment that has paid for itself multiple times over. its funny though as the equipment i bought almost as a lark ended up making me the most money. While I assumed my speakers, amps, turntables, etc would be the bread and butter it was a set of 4 'intelligent' lights that i bought on special (floor models) that made me by far the most $$. no one had these kinds of lights at the time so they were in high demand. Their price, and complexity kept most people out of buying them so I could easily rent them for 50-100/night. one club eventually entered into a long term rental agreement, 50/week+50 for any night i or anyone else operated them for. that lasted for like 4-5 years. certainly beat having to climb ladders instal, wire, then climb ladder at 2am, take down in the other area clubs... anyway, its a +1 for potential income generating assets vs metals which is more of a savings/hedge as most understand..