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Thread: Platinum = dismal

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    I had 12 1oz Canadian Maple platinums and 4 1oz Johnson Matthey platinums before I dumped my platinum. Man human psychology is a mother F***er, the part about the grass being greener on the other I keep saying to myself "Ok I had a bunch of platinum that you can't even get now, and now I have a bunch of silver that you can get anywhere WTF!!" LOL but oh well if I still had the platinum I'd find a rationale to regret not having silver ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Euroscope View Post
    This thread is true Platinum = dismal. I got out of platinum and back to silver. However, every time I go to Provident anymore they are sold out of platinum, this makes me want it...plenty of silver to be had at all times, zero platinum. I guess because people figure why not it's $125 less than gold and fell under $1,000. If I continue to buy metals I'm going back to platinum
    Zero? I see that . . .

    Prov has Platinum Platypus in stock today for $90 over spot. . . I like the idea of Plat Plat. . . lol.

    JM has Valcambi bars for the least premium.

    Apm has several coins and bars listed.

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    I like the idea of any government issued coins in platinum. Most have a substantial rise in value do they not? Platinum bars are cool but lack the gov. issued provenance. A mark up which I think will be well worth it in the long run. Just my .02
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    Yeah I think Provident just got them in they have had zero for awhile. Even so all of those huge dealers are massively depleted, can you find a Canadian Maple or American Eagle ounce at any website? I couldn't find one. I agree I like the government issued the best

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