This instructable is for posting images from a URL...not from a file you upload from your computer. Maybe someone will write that one.

  1. Find the image you want to post (from somewhere like photo-bucket) and copy the URL to your clipboard. The image must be of form; .jpg, .gif, .png.
  2. Click on the Insert Image button and you should get the dialog below
  3. Now click on the 'From URL' tab. Your screen should look like this... ( more below)

  4. Now, paste your URL into the form under the word URL
  5. Next make sure to "uncheck" the checkbox next to the sentence, "Retrieve remote file and reference locally".
  6. And finally, click 'OK'

  7. If you followed these steps precisely, your image tag will drop into your post and look something like this:

    "[IMG]http:the URL you pasted.png[/IMG]"[/INDENT]

    And when you preview or post your message, your image will appear!