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Thread: How do you insert an image??

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    No I'm done with this....I've been monkeying around for hours and still no luck.

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    Default An instructable is now available

    I wrote an instructable for everyone....find it here: How to insert images from a URL

    I noticed while generated this post that I could not initially set the link above....I had to ditch the effort and start all over. There may still be bugs in this software Mods... take note!

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    Okay I'll try one more time....

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    Aha that's it, I didn't uncheck the little box...Thanks !!

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    Let's try it again....

    Don't mind me, I'm just experimenting with my new camera...I bought a Canon ELPH 150 and am trying it out on coins now....

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    and now the back side...

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    By George, he's got it!

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    Yep, I've perfected the art of taking pictures of coins and posting them on the Kitco forums....pretty nice pictures if I say so myself.....the camera is a 20 megapixel and certainly does get lots of detail....

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    " How do you insert a friggin image?? "...
    well, you use a "friggin image inserter" lol, i could not resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redraspberry View Post
    You can upload a file from your computer. Then post, then edit, then right click on the uploaded pic link, then open in new tab, then copy URL, then post as a pic from URL. Do uncheck the box for retrieving data.


    Thanks Red.
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