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Thread: Too Funny : ISM: May manufacturing index was incorrect earlier, correct figure 56.0

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    Corrected again. They are fixing so many markets they are starting to lose track LOL

    ISM re-corrects May manufacturing index, now stands at 55.4 (was 53.2, corrected to 56)

    ISM has corrected its May manufacturing index for a second time, the company told CNBC on Monday. (For more on the earlier error, clickhere.)
    The reason for the second correction was not immediately clear. In the case of the first correction, the survey's lead, Brad Holcomb, said there was a software error that applied last month's seasonal adjustment factor to this month's data.

    Stocks came off the lows of the day after word of the initial adjustment began to circulate. The market was still higher after the second revision.

    Economists had expected a reading of 55.5.

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    What will be their next step when the 401 K money is gone? AS I said many are eating up their savings when its gone all hell will break loose.

    Early Tap of 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank

    Premature withdrawals from retirement accounts have become America’s new piggy bank, cracked open in record amounts during lean times by people like Cindy Cromie, who needed the money to rent a U-Haul and start a new life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanferr View Post
    They revised the number higher. They reported 53 when it should have been 56.
    the stock index fell, the number need to be adjusted up to pump up the stock market, and it worked!!!!

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    The mall where I live has about a 40% vacancy rate. Many family and friends have been laid off. Stock market is going great from multiple QE as far as I can tell. If everything is so great why are stores still closing?

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