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Thread: Quality of Jobs. Large companies.

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    Default Quality of Jobs. Large companies.

    I noticed WalMart and McDonald's both end up the target of Unions and people complaining.

    I just want to share my experience. I once worked at a WalMart.

    There were a lot of things that sucked and I eventually left. I was full time and there was a war on full time.

    But now I work in a small business.

    I got bigger and more steady raises at Walmart. In fact the worst you could do is 40 cents a year. of course after a number of years your a target so they can replace you cheap.

    Walmart offered benefits. a lot of small companies don't
    add to that
    401K.. at first they would put like 5-800 a year in without a contribution and a 50% match and switched to a 100% match up to six with no freebee. So an associate could have, in the past, worked 6 years at WM, be vested, put no money in and have 5K + or - depending on the market. That if Awesome!!
    vacation time
    sick time
    bonuses. I was getting about 250 bucks a quarter. as a full timer I considered that a 50 cent raise an hour, which it works out to.
    10% discount.
    Small businesses don't over any of this. About all you get is maybe more responsibility for less pay but a higher sense of accomplishment. I feel better working for a small company but wonder how long before I start applying for other big mean companies that underpay according to everyone???

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    Now the real problem is people with just a high school diploma can't do much better. It should just have the buying power to feed a family with two incomes without food stamps and medicaid. That is why I say the war has to be on small businesses. Because if your Mr. and Mrs. Stooopid with no degree like me and my misses, if your willing to go to work, you should not be making a low enough pay to qualify for some food stamps or medicaid. It is wonderful when we think we can get everyone a high paying job with an education, but it is not realistic. It just rubs workers raw, if it is at a big company or a little company to work and still not really be able to afford to stand up on your hind legs. I incidentally found out about this because I did not apply for benefits. But I moved to a low rent neighborhood, and they wanted everyone to apply for free lunch and then they refer you. It was suggested to me that failure to apply for social welfare when your family qualifies is like a form of abuse and they call children and family and report you. So I had to go on welfare even though I work. Talk about a self esteem killer. I am still a small stacker. I have a hard time saving cash, but I really need to for a rainy day like car problems. So, I have a small coin stash which will probably be liquidated now that my car engine light is on. Probably a CO2 tester, but it could be the CAT. I find others in the ghetto do this too. Just not as consciously. My neighbor (I asked) paid 2500 dollars for a gold chain even though he is on welfare. He said... well when I really need the money I can get just what I need from the pawn shop and buy it back for the next time. If I put it in the bank, something always comes up.

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    Sounds like a life-long string of easy, bad choices. And a culture that encourages them.

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