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    How do I get my avatar as a .gif? My banker man should be stealing all the money.
    I reserve the right to change my opinion at a momentís notice as the market dictates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGaltt View Post
    How do I get my avatar as a .gif? My banker man should be stealing all the money.
    Maybe he got caught...

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    What is that bags of FRNs?

    I like this one better....


    A Filipino worker at a jewellery shop in Dubai managed to fool his employers by stealing 30 kg of gold filings worth more than Dh4 million for nearly two years before falling into police grip, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
    Kinda fun....

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    I missed this news piece.....

    The story....

    A German cookie manufacturer has found itself the victim of a crummy theft.

    The Associated Press reports that police are on the lookout for a giant golden cookie that was stolen from a sculpture atop the Bahlsen headquarters in Hannover. The 100-year-old, 44-pound biscuit went missing earlier in January, baffling authorities until this week, when a ransom note was mailed to Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper along with a photo of the apparent thief holding the sculpture while dressed in a Cookie Monster costume.

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