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Thread: Scrap Metal Tips and Small Talk

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    Any suggestions on which brand of faucets is the best? Want years of reliability with very hard water, with solid/heavy construction. Considering Kohler's Solid Brass (Antique series). Anyone have experience with any other brands?
    I have really heavy calcium well water and the best faucets I've found are the Moen products. No drips at all, no washers to deal with. I've changed every faucet to Moen now. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    I have both Moen and Kohler. Don’t buy entry level grade go with solid brass. Might want to look at a water treatment system.
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    moen honors their lifetime warranty. less costly than kohler, and are easy to work on. moen was my main seller as a plumber for 25 years. all fixtures' trim, ie., chrome plated outer facing are susceptible to calcium and hard water. it doesn't matter what brand so go for the less expensive - moen over kohler. do go for the brass valve underneath though and not the cheaper "builder's" versions.

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    yes, what maxwell said... buy from a plumbing supply store, not HD or Lowes.... The guts are what counts.... same faucet is not the same faucet.....
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