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Thread: Third party emoticons / animated gifs

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    Default Third party emoticons / animated gifs

    Feel free to add suggestions, but I recommend you check the sources using the links given here.

    To start the list:

    Of course there is rarely such a thing as a free lunch - the site has ads which are seen when users pick their emoticons - and Kitco does not endorse the advertising on that site.


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    If you use Avast as a virus scanner it has an online security program. It will scan a site and tell you how many tracking cookies are being loaded and also let you stop them from loading.

    avast! Online Security Settings

    With it turned off there are 6 cookies, with it all turned on there is only one, I assume it is from Kitco.
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    I found one I like

    but is there a way to get it to stop after just one time?

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    Animated gifs normally run on a loop, True blue, but if I remember correctly (having made one for another member once) you can have settings to make it run once then stop - hardly anybody does that, because if you weren't looking when it downloaded, you will miss the animation.

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