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Thread: Get your fiat ready for...$15 silver!

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    Talk about disappointment, I was looking at silver bars on one of my favorite online sites and the cheapest qty one price was $26.73 while their listed POS was $22.46. Even it one purchased 100 bars the price was $27.49/bar. One ounce silver buffalo rounds, which in the past would be more $'s than bars, were $25.74 any qty. A second sight that also normally has low prices had Ag Buf's for $25.58. (Claimed $2.99 + spot) All prices were for cash and not C.C. etc. So much for premiums falling.
    Up here in Canada silver is $29.28 just minutes ago.

    Britannia's are $37.45 /with paypal or credit card they go for $39.34 each.

    The Buffalo round is $35.54 /with paypal or credit card they go for $37.60 each.

    Generic bars are $35.71 /with paypal or credit card they go for $37.78 each.

    You save $0.30 per oz. if you order 100 or more. rich for my blood so far. Wait and see if we get a real fat finger event or play the silver paper route. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    digbird, I still remember when going to Canada was a disappointment as a kid when I had to pay extra to buy something because the US$ was below par. Often 5 or 6 cents per dollar. Then again, in the late '70's and '80's the local change (in the Buffalo, NY area) was filled with Canadian coins since the local vending machines would take them and all the college kids would load up on your coins picked up on a weekend trip to Fort Erie so they could then get a decent discount when buying candy or soft drinks in the dorms. Goes to show you that fiat currency sucks and always will.
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