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Thread: what is your new year resolution???

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    This year I am not going to waste anymore time leftover on the microwave and will use it up first.
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    WOW Red I started reading then I saw some of the names and then the dates.. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa! whatever applies. And have a Happy New Year, may it be a better year Al

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    On the financial side I want to crank the knobs on my budget. I'm trying to live my day-to-day on about a third of my net, save about a third of my net, and then there are projects and the winter vacation that sucks up the last third.

    I like my modest life. My friends and coworkers have bigger houses and better cars, I have more money I hope that doesn't sound like a brag, I just enjoy the frugal life.

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