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Thread: Tesla

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    I bought $130 March 2014 puts on TSLA in my paper account just to practice options. Lost quite a few fake dollars on the trade, although it is almost even again, but i certainly would have bailed if it were real money long ago, so cant claim any victories here.
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    Default The shorts made a killing

    Oh how the mighty have fallen, events like this remind me to stay humble and not get greedy as their is nothing wrong with taking profits and moving on....will continue to watch the stock and see if it makes a nflx move after such a devastating blow---my heart says wait until 90 and hit it again but my gut says the downside is much larger than the upside...hopefully fellow kitco'ers bailed as it went to the 190's a few short weeks ago

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    Default Vrom Vrom?

    Is that how a tesla sounds? he-he

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    People seem to be quick to forget that nothing rises in a straight line. Tsla is doing well continue doing fine. I wish I was in them instead of AAPL
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    TSLA is kicking ass and taking names. Valuation is huge, but gotta give them credit.
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    I'm a die-hard conservative, and abhor Obama. Nonetheless, I hope the best for Telsa. Maybe the company doesn't take hold. But our decades long debacle with NASA didn't produce a profit, but benefited us with great new technology. Likewise, maybe Telsa will be a good investment.
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    Default Need cheap electricity

    Maybe solar, or some new type of safe reactor.

    This is interesting ...

    Tesla Plans To Build World's Biggest Battery Factory
    The location of the gigafactory has not yet been announced, but Musk said it would include lots of solar and wind to power it, leading many analysts to assume somewhere in the southwest U.S., such as New Mexico.
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    Default Meep Meep

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    Momentum...looks like BITCON. Really, what is value anymore anyway? It's a utopian world after all.

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    Default California loses tesla's gigafactory to nevada because of heavy regulation

    Big Progressive Government strikes again . . . .

    Tesla Motors announced they will build their new "gigafactory" for producing automotive batteries in Nevada. The deal was seen as a win for Nevada and a loss for California which was considered too slow moving by CEO Elon Musk.
    The announcement was made by Tesla founder Elon Musk and Governor Sandoval on the steps of Nevada's state Capitol building. Governor Sandoval thanked Musk for choosing to "build the world’s largest and most advanced battery factory in Nevada which means nearly one hundred billion dollars in economic impact to the Silver State over the next twenty years."
    "I would like to recognize the leadership of Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature for partnering with Tesla to bring the Gigafactory to the state," Musk said.
    The massive new "gigafactory" will be the largest automotive battery factory in the world at 5 million square feet. Construction of the factory will employ 3,000 people and once complete the factory itself will provide thousands of jobs. Batteries for Tesla's planned mid-range electric sedan are expected to be produced at the factory beginning in 2017.
    While the gigafactory is a potential win for Nevada it's clearly a loss for California. After Musk announced that one of four states--California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas--Governor Jerry Brown sought to persuade Musk to keep the factory in the state where Tesla's headquarters is also located.
    The problem with building in California was heavy regulation and slow-moving regulators. During a conference call early this year Musk explained, "California has quite a complex and lengthy process for approval of Greenfield sights. So what we couldn’t afford was waiting like a year or more for kind of to proceed, which would I think also make sure no environmental impact of any significance, but it would just take a long time for the California Regulatory Agencies to process information that they would need to for their obligations on the California Law. Whereas in other states it’s much more streamlined approach."
    Musk also suggested the cost of operating the factory would be higher in California saying, "we also need to make sure that the ongoing operational costs of the Gigafactory are not significantly worse than other states."
    Nevada will be providing Tesla with a very generous tax break. The LA Times reports, "according to Nevada documents, Tesla would receive up to a 100% tax abatement for the next 20 years for all sales tax, and up to a 100% tax abatement for the next 10 years for all real property tax, personal property tax and modified business tax." Despite the tax breaks, the deal is expected to put nearly $2 billion into the state over the next 20 years.
    California Republican Senator Ted Gaines expressed disappointment at the loss of the factory. He told the LA Times, "I'm devastated for the 6,500 families who won't have the chance at these jobs unless they move to Nevada." He also called the placement of the factory, "a clear indictment of our business climate."
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