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Thread: Favorite / Prettiest/ most significant silver coin, bar, or round around ???

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    Default Favorite / Prettiest/ most significant silver coin, bar, or round around ???

    My first thread starting post, let me start by saying that one of the ways I found this forum was the least favorite silver thread. Does not have to be aesthetics based either. Perhaps you respect a type of silver for historical reasons. Post all of your favorites here. No limit of course and show case it. Tell us about it. When/where was it made? Who made it? What is the silver content? Who or what is on the silver? What can you tell us about who / what is depicted on your hunk of silver? How many do you own if any? Anything else you feel like adding. Should be fun to see the responses.

    500 Lire Caravelle

    I own 1 of these. Purely a pick for prettiest.

    Diameter:29,5 mm
    Metals: Silver 835
    Weight: 11g
    Edge: ***date***REPVBBLICA ITALIANA
    This nice coin was minted in the years 1957- 1967.
    The coin represent the three Caravels, were not minted in 1962 and 1963 because on that years were minted 500 Lire for the centenary of Unity of Italy.
    On Obverse it is represented the bust of a lady in renaissance's style, looking left. Around the coat of arms of 19 Italian cities. Below the name of the engraver: Giampaoli. The coin have the date with the inscription 'Repvbblica Italiana' along its edging.
    The Obverse was designed by Pietro Giampaoli the was the master engraver of the mint, he had modeled the profile of women inspired by its wife, Letizia Savonitto. Simple in design, this 'caravels' silver 500 Lira coin has been engraved and cut to highlight the beautiful woman. Due to its timeless charm, this would look superb on any silver chain or indeed leather cord.
    This piece was originally designed by the artist for his wife to celebrate their 10 years of marriage.

    The coat of arms of the 19 cities or country are from the bottom left clockwise: Genova, Torino, Aosta, Milano, Trento, Venezia, Trieste ed Udine, Bologna, Firenze, Ancona, Perugina, Roma, L'Aquila, Napoli, Bari, Potenza, Catanzaro, Sicilia, Cagliari.

    Exist 1024 exemplars of this coin minted in 1957 with the writing PROVA on the reverse, those coins were donated to our parliamentary who were at the end of their first parliamentary mandate, the value of this coin is very high, can be over 9000$!
    At the end of 1957 pictures of the coin were on newspapers and a mariner, the captain Di Calabria observed that the top flags of the Caravels were flying against the wind. After that there was a lot of rumours about this "error", some expert said the boats were simply sailing near to the wind. So the sail were correctly represented. Altho if there weren't any error the Government decided to change the dies. The first circulating coin have the 1958 date.
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    Not The Washington!

    lots of others but dont have pics at the second

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorionc View Post
    *waving* Hello fellow Arfcommer!

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    walking liberty coins.

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    Default Royal Silver Blue Throated Maccaw

    I have been wanting it for a while but haven't made the leap. Gorgeous.

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    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
    - Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorionc View Post
    Not The Washington!

    lots of others but dont have pics at the second
    Would be neat to get a hold of a '41 quarter (or any from the WW2 era). One of my uncles is retired Navy and enlisted during that time.

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    i have one... u could have ,,, ill sell it for 123,456 dollars

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    This coin was inspired by the Peace Dollar, also mentioned on the Silver bullet Silver shield site.
    "We chose "Freedom" over the Peace Dollar's "Liberty" simply because Liberty is Freedom granted by a power. This is most notable when military men are granted 24 hour liberty to go out on the town. Whereas Freedom is the ability of the individual to do whatever they want with their time without coercion."

    This coin was designed by the very talented Heidi Wastweet.

    I own 1 of these coins, which I keep in my pocket. The coin looks even better in person, and has quickly become one of my favorite coins.
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    Default Yes Freedom Girl Is Beautiful

    I have a proof, and just ordered three more non-proofs from Amagimetals (can't find anywhere else, Provident only has the proof). I am stocking up in case hard to find in the future with the problems at SBSS.

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