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    Default Info about palladium on the web...

    Here's a place to post links on palladium. Please include a small sample quote with the link you post to help readers have an idea of what the link is all about before having to click on it

    Here's one I just found

    Regarding palladium markets, Johnson Matthey, in their 2004 Annual Platinum Review, offer this assessment:

    For palladium, however, it was (and is) harder [than platinum] to make a bullish case for investment based on the metal’s fundamentals. The market has been in a position of oversupply since 2001. Supply will continue to grow strongly from the expansion of pgm mining in South Africa and from increased recycling of autocatalysts and electronic waste. Even with the most optimistic projections for autocatalyst, electronic and dental demand, the palladium market appears set to remain in substantial surplus. Nevertheless, as the price of platinum climbed in 2003, fund managers increasingly inferred that the differential between it and the price of palladium would become unsustainably large. With the risk of a downward correction in the platinum price considered small, due to the metal’s strong fundamentals, the conclusion was that the price of palladium would almost certainly have to rise.
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    This page will help you find many of the secrets of Palladium.
    Palladium is the precious metal for the 21st Century. Palladium is similar to Platinum, but has some chemical features similar to Nickel. It forms a Palladium Dimethylgloxime precipitate, just like Nickel does. It is increasingly being used as a catalyst, especially for exhaust emissions, in electronics of all sorts, photography, dentistry, jewelry, and may even one day lead to cold fusion energy. There are lots of secrets about Palladium still kept closely guarded, while still many more wait to be discovered. You will also find links to Palladium Mining Palladium Assaying Palladium Markets and Trading

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    I don't have a link, but if you want to get more information about palladium in jewelry just pick up some trade magazines like the JCK Magazine, In Store magazine, etc.

    The JCK magazine even started publishing a special section every month with a case study on how to make a certain type of palladium piece of jewelry because of all the demand and questions for jewelers. This is a new thing that just started about a year ago.

    All trade magazines now have at least 3-4 different casting houses in the US or abroad advertising the fact they cast in 950 palladium alloys. (95% pure palladium).

    Anyhow check out these publications if you're interested about learning about palladium in jewelry.

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    On the first link posted on this thread, there's a picture of some very nice palladium rings...

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    Default Palladium for storage of hydrogen

    About 3/4 of the way down at
    there's a reference to palladium being able to store hydrogen at room temperature and ambiient pressure at 900 times its weight. If there's ever to be a hydrogen-fueled automobile industry (either as hydrogen fuel cells or with hydrogen as fuel for an internal combustion engine), it would be a lot safer to store the hydrogen in palladium wool rather than go for high-presure storage or cryogenics. I'm estimating at least 5 or 6 pounds of palladium wool being inside each fuel tank. Multiply that by ounces per pound and however many vehicles to get an idea of the possible demand for palladium.

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    Caradoc: Say six pounds of palladium wool at current prices would be about $30,000, but if it were used in many new hydrogen vehicles surely the price of palladium would soar, so the cost per vehicle for palladium wool might go to $100,000 or more. Security would certainly become an issue -- I would have a little sign in the window saying: "This vehicle is not powered by hydrogen." The palladium and the vesle it was contained in would not lend itself to being removed when you parked the car, just too heavy, even if it could be taken out. On the other hand where ever you drove you could have your "nest egg" with you.

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    Cold fusion vidio (Palladium in use):

    Summary from google video:
    In 'Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, the War Against Cold Fusion,' viewers investigate the idea of cold fusion. If viable, cold fusion offers the possibility of limitless cheap energy. Some have suggested that the quashing of cold fusion projects in the late '80s was due to certain agencies not wishing to undermine the position of U.S. energy corporations...
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    (Quote from site)
    Palladium Alliance International is an organization committed to providing marketing support and vision for promotion of palladium as a precious luxury metal. The PAI provides technical support and expertise to ensure the jewelry trade specialist has the confidence, knowledge and pride in delivering customers the choice of this pure, rare and precious metal. We are dedicated to establishing palladium as a luxury brand image that consumerís value and equate with quality and excellence.

    Founded in 2006 as a nonprofit entity, the Palladium Alliance international currently has offices in the United States and China.

    Web address for Palladium Alliance International

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