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Thread: GOLD S.O.S. - Stay or Sell?? - We want to know!

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    Default GOLD S.O.S. - Stay or Sell?? - We want to know!

    With the recent carnage and serious damage inflicted in the gold market, Kitco wants to know how you feel: Are you staying or selling???

    We invite you to join the conversation on social media by hitting us up on Twitter - @KitcoNewsNOW and using the hashtag #GoldSOS

    Be sure to also check out what the Kitco News Team has to say and how they're covering the debacle by visiting their Twitter page:

    Daniela Cambone - @DanielaCambone

    Debbie Carlson - @DCarlsonKitco

    Jim Wyckoff - @jimwyckoff

    John Dourekas - @Dourekas

    Alex Letourneau - @alex_letourneau

    And if you're active on the FaceMachine, join the convo there as well:

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    I staying and buying Daniela !

    tell them silken is strong hands

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    Default You know my answer

    Of course I am staying. There is no where else to go.

    Wall Street has turned into the Las Vegas Strip. Actually I have much better odds with Video Poker in the Local Casinos there, considering that they have over 100% Payout Games, than in the Stock Markets or Bond Markets...

    No I am staying with Gold.

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    Staying and buying!!

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    Staying. Bought today and will buy again under $1300. $1200, $1100. Will go all in with remaining powder if it goes under $1000. I love these blue-light specials!

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    Not one seller so far which speaks for itself!

    It would be interesting to know who is selling and to who?

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    Just wanted to add that for all intents and purposes, in this case "Stay" also means "Buy"...

    We considered going with "SOB" for "Sell or Buy", but SOB had some obvious but unintended negative connotations...

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    I bought in the 80's so I'm conditioned to sharp drops and long periods of stagnation (more painful). I had to sell in the mid 90's due to financial pressures and came out with a slight loss.

    Got back into the market in February, bought a sizeable amount of gold and a little silver. Made the decision to start with gold first because it is less volatile, my losses would have been far more severe had I invested in silver. Planned to add about 400 oz. of silver over the next two years.
    Because of recent developments I am going to put a hold on buying and unless I see a rationale for a turnaround will wait years if necessary. This latest plunge was a little surprising given how it transpired in such a short time, it makes me wonder how much ETF's play a role vs physical. No sentiments yet though I will get a bad taste in my mouth if it falls below $1,250. I'm hoping mining costs will furnish some resistance at those levels.

    For me owing physical gold and silver is not for trading purposes (if it were I would do ETF's), it is a rainy day fund and a small portion of my portfolio. Being older the rest of my investments are extremely conservative (no loss during the stock market crash of 08'). I cannot afford to lose capital so I put up with a yield of under 1%.

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    Bahahahaha 97%!

    Stackers are never going to capitulate no matter how hard they try to get us to do so...

    I mean seriously, WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THAT POLL TO FLIP!? If the last two days didn't deter us what will?

    I suspect a double/tripling of the price to the upside, not down.... before we the stackers start to sell.

    You know why i'm staying! That's why I'm staying! I'm invested with a group of people who are never going to sell into they're once against confident in their institutions.
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    I am commited and staying in. Not sure if I will be buying.

    A couple years ago, I had committed 15% of my net worth to metals, which is now down to 11% of my net worth. All in physical and holding.

    I still don't beleive the fundamentals are good enough to sell.

    I am also confused by some of the comments on this forum about some dealers being out and closing down for lack of stock... this indicates that people are buying physical and what is being sold to bring it down is paper gold by the fiat corporation...
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