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Thread: What is the oldest coin you have?

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    Since I've done so well with crypto I'm going back to the ancients!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miteysquirrel View Post
    Since I've done so well with crypto I'm going back to the ancients!
    If you happen upon anything silver from Libya let me know :*
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    Several major news outlets including CNN, BBC, etc. are carrying stories about "sponsian" Roman gold coins that were found in Romania hundreds of years ago that were thought to be fake. "new evidence" is claiming them to be real. I would imagine that anyone holding one of these coins has seen an appreciation in value due to the news.

    I would not have been surprised to see something like this in Coin World, but a coordinated roll out from the major media outlets seems unusual for a story of this type.

    I have a few small coins from this era, but they are base metal, in poor condition & of little value.
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