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    well, you canadians are lucky so many goods are taxfree, which is not the case in the " happiest country of the world".

    Here the media wants us to believe we are happy to pay taxes.

    Of course they intervieuw either dirtrich people ( taxes on dirtrich people are relatively benign, so they are " happy to pay " taxes knowing elswhere they would be heavier taxed ) or those who do not pay taxes , because they get money from those who pay taxes...and have not the intention to belong to join the taxpayer crowd.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsnow View Post
    the fiat ponzi is 52 years old and no longer effective due to unmanageable debt. A new ponzi scheme is needed to replace the defunct fiat system. CBDC will come.
    Ponzi only works with dumb and dumb do not create values. The parasites need robots and system still able to run but their luck is finished. There is no more new Ponzi. The blind followers and all who need to earn fiat daily to stay alive are vaxed and days are numbered.

    Those aged mid 50 to 80 are the minions rule by those 80 - 100 are rebel against their overlord new puppets groom and age from 30-50. These 30-50 are groom to create new Ponzi who has exactly the same way of "politics" they learnt from all the schools and text books which tell them histories and philosophy how to manipulate.

    They lost control is not bc of fiat fail but those age 50-80 are not dead yet by the vax that has used by the new wave of millions of minions age 30-50 against the previous batch of of minions from the overlord. Those Billionaires and richest are the target of the overlord and their numbers of influence are global and not about nationality, race, genders or religions. It is a war of those being ruled for all action against those who attempt to rule and control over others. Look ar WW2, Hitler successfully rule over others but it is those Generals and Army being ruled rebel against their overlord in the end. The mastermind always know this trick and trigger and sparks wars the same way. Wars are all started by giving commands from the rulers. Army do not go to war without commands. It is those who print money control all and this Ponzi is exposed for over 52 years but it is the benefit and profit to keep the Ponzi run for over 50 years. When the Banking collapse and no profit to be made, no war is possible except Elon Musk way of using Billions of robots Terminators or cheap drones spam balloon attack.
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    He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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