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Thread: Fake Morgan Dollars are becoming epidemic!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possum Lite View Post
    The ring test is crucial since these new molybdenum planchet silver plated coins will past the weight and dimension test - but not the ring test.

    Simply balance the coin on the tip of one finger and strike the edge sharply with another coin - real silver will produce a long sustained high pitch ring, very clear and not varied in pitch. The ring will last several seconds. If it just thuds or clunks and does not sustain, then it's not silver.
    I tried this with with my ASE's and they rang nicely. Then i tried it with some of my generics, that are thicker, and they did not ring the same, or really ring at all.

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    Default are some pic of the 3 Morgans I have:

    The three side by side. From the left: 1879, 1881, & 1889. I was worried about the 1889 on the right. I has a definite darker color to it.

    Here is a pic of the 1881 and the 1889. It was really hard to capture the difference in color as it was overcast outside and the flash totally washed it out. I was also kind' bothered about the fact that the numbers in the date were smaller on the 1889 (LCS said it was due to being minted at a different facility)

    Pic of the back. Once again...the 1889 is on the right

    Profile pic. They look pretty damn close but when I ran my finger across them...I coulda' swore the 1889 felt a tad thicker. Maybe it was my imagination.
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    Pic of the back edge of the 1889

    Lastly....a closeup pic of the reeding on the 1889. It just looked liked there was some funky coloration in the reeding. I wanted to make sure it was not coloration from another metal.

    All these pics were taken with the flash off. sum it LCS said the 1889 was polished and was probably used in a belt buckle or some other for of jewelry and that would account for the darker color and the coloration in the reeding and that he would have no qualms about purchasing it. Once again....I apologize for the typo in my first post stating they weighed 27.xx grams when it was supposed to be 26.xx grams. I certainly didn't want to fuel the 'fake Morgan" fire any.


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    they look legit.
    1879 weigh the least becoz it is more worn.

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    Morgan/Peace size coins which are what I was talking about certainly must ring - but it is true as you go to thicker silver objects there is a difference. I can get a nice ring out of a 10 oz bar of the thinner (approx 1/4") variety, but the stubbier 1/2" thick 10 oz bars don't really ring at all - but the "clink" against these is of the higher pitch like silver, as opposed to another metal or alloy making a lower "thud".

    I think the danger for fakes of common dates (which we buy as bullion) is now that they are made of molybdenum or a lead tin alloy and then silverplated, creating the correct weight/dimensions, so folks buy them without ring testing (maybe just relying on the Fisch device) not knowing this is so crucial. The ring test will disclose these fakes. The newer ones look convincing though because the artwork is indistinguishable from a real one, since they are struck on dies made through laser 3D copying of an actual coin, and they are copying off of actual coins that even have some wear on them for added realism.

    As for the comment about copper, yes, it is my understanding that copper (or high copper alloys) is the other metal that will also ring, but with these coins they are so obviously off in weight/dimensions that they don't pose a significant problem.

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    Performing a specific gravity test is really quite easy as long as you have a decent digital scale. There's plenty of Youtube videos showing how to do one if your curious. All that's required is the following: coin, cup, thread, water, digital scale.

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    For a ring test i would suggest using a frequency testing app... like n-track tuner. I tested a few morgans and came to C# and a frequency in the range of 4400. I only have a very bad fake and this one had a frequency of about 2500.

    Maybe someone with some good fakes can give those frequencies.

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    Default nothing fake..

    my son, wife and i tested well over 800 Morgans last night...all from the last 2 months, some were tested prior as taken in..... here in Connecticut, and from the region, and who knows where else, i personally am confident to say they were all original....several were with numismatic values.. i would stand behind them all as what they are US 90% historical coinage

    with understanding of a lot of fear, hype and yes an existing problem...i see many new posters here, not meaning they are neophytes by any means, but it seems many are on edge..alwys one to trust and verify, i personally believe the problem has folks astute and learning...both a good thing, and also a bit of paranoia that should not stop your deligent ...

    not one fake or suspect.....


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    Default Kissfan

    I really dont see anything fake. Weights are all within reason and color is good. Fake morgans normally are visable if you have 2 and can compare. I have never seen any of these super fakes. I bought 1 from the bay and knew it was fake as I only paid 10 dollars for it from china. You can really see the difference and those that ring test are correct. Nothing rings like silver. That coin hit the counter like a sinker. I used to tend bar at a dive for extra cash and I cant tell you how many times drunks came in with silver coins scavenged up to buy beer. They drop it on the bar and I could here it ring from 10 feet away . Thats one way to get preferred attention from the bartender. I was over there like a missle shot. One night I took 8.00 face in 64 quarters off 1 guy. I did buy them from him for 40 dollars. He knew they were silver too. But he wanted beer more. Sad indeed. But with his new found wealth he started buying whiskey and had to kick him out for fighting.LOL..Ah yes the good old days

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate the help and opinions.


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