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Thread: Anybody stacking Jefferson Nickels?

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    Default Canadian nickels

    Which Canadian nickels have the highest nickel content?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaoTzu View Post
    Which Canadian nickels have the highest nickel content?
    Right here sir:

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    Of course I stack nickels...and copper pennies, and silver, and gold, and ammo, and guns, and........ I ordered three $100 boxes of nickels from my bank (no charge), occasionally get 5 rolls when I do other banking business, and just add to my stack from daily change.

    So I've silver backing my gold, nickels backing my silver, pennies backing my nickels, and fiat currency & toilet paper backing my pennies.

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    I fail to understand why it's so hard to understand . . . . . copper pennies and cupronickel nickels currently are the only actual U.S. money. Albeit small denomination, they are money. Why not stack them?
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    Thank you Bullionlover! That helps. I work for a Canadian\American company and may have a source for my Canadian coin roll search
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    Default Stacking Jeff's

    I Do, but they have to be very clean. I've been doing it for years.

    1.) FS only - I never buy these from anyone but who i know.

    2.) Outside of a FS - I look for all other appeal...ex.colour.

    All Nick's apply. Its a good stack. A good shop will pay premium for them. Get them graded is even better if you can make a good colour run on grades.

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    Seeing how available Gold and Silver is dwindling in lieu of recent causes and effects, yet, with nary a peep, you can still go to your local bank / credit union and exchange your Currency for rolls of nickels and pennies (copper hunting). Perhaps this could be our (those of us born in the 70's into the 80's and going forward) 1964 silver play? (especially the nickels)

    This will be my way to go carrying on, and who knows, you might find a War Nickel or 2 two going forward. Free silver is free silver right? I've found 3 of those from roll searches, and 1 in change from a customer, along with some Buffalo nickels, a few of the 1938 to 1942 nickels (rare Jefferson nickels compared to those minted in 1946 and after), and a 1973 Canadian 99.99% nickel.
    $x2 Silver Quarter x2

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    I've been meaning to pick up a box of nickels, but with silver prices dropping I've been mainly stacking that.

    Will probably be able to do it sometime this month though.
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    Haven't started yet.
    Just posted a couple of weeks ago "Kids and Nickels...? over in the General Discussion Forums. One poster suggested I come here.
    I recieved a bag of Junk Dimes. I was sorting through it when my 8 year old granddaughter wanted know what I was doing.
    I catalog all my silver and decided I could put those young eyes to good use. I showed her where the date was and the mint mark. I also explained about the mint marks. She was very interested. I would quiz her when It said "S" "D" or nothing. She got so she would say Dever San Fransico or Philadelphia. I played with her mind a little. Shame on me. I pulled out a couple of Morgans and showed her where the mint mark was. She did good on the D and S, so I pulled out an O. She thought for a long time and said "Oregon" It dawned on me that I may be able make a stacker out her.
    I don't believe she fully comprehended why grandpa got excited about silver dimes.
    I believe I will take her with me on the next visit to LCS. Give her a silver Washington and let her sell it to the shop. She will get the concept when she get $1 or 2 from selling him what was 25 cents in her mind.
    Give her a handfull of pre 1982 pennies and take her to another dealer at the flea market that deals in pennies and she gets more back than she gave her. I believe she'll get the idea.
    When I was a youngster back in the mid '60s dad would sort through the change and throw all the silver into a coffee can. When the can was full he would start another one. I started sorting through my change and buying rolls at the bank to sort through putting the silver in a can.
    I got out of stacking until 6 months ago. I would like to instill the same principles in her.

    A far as nickels go. What happend in 1964? Silver content reached the price of the coin melt and they change the content of the coin. For you younger folks. What happened 1982? The penny was worth more melted than face. Again they changed the content. Today Coinflation has Nickels melt at $.043 and and pennies at 2x face. Why would they not change the content when nickel melt reaches 1x face? I believe it is a wonderfull opportunity to get our young people involved.

    For years, I have put all my change in a jug sorting out the pennies. The jug was vacation money. My wife started 5 gallon water jugs for each of the grandkids dividing up all of grandpa's pennies between them all. My granddaughter has almost a full jug of pennies. Time for me to let her dig through her pennies sorting out the pre 1982s ones and rolling them.

    Nickel stacking in the time I have left, I don't believe it is worth it barring some major technical advancement that needs nickel. My grandaughter maybe a different story. When she is my age she will think "What a smart old man I was." LOL
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    Default no wooden nickles

    many laugh at us Nickel hoarders... hey its a $100 bill in a box, but better IMO.....LOL

    we have been buying a bank box a week or a few, for over 4 years.... as we have a standing order at our bank for 30 bank boxes of pennies, we sort copper and zinc... we also grab a nickel box each week, on each Tuesday after the bank gets their delivery with our standing order, like clockwork.....

    yup do the math, while you are at it do the weights too..... all boxes get stacked, stacked with much copper penny bullion alongside the bank boxes....directly over a "W10x22", 24' steel I-beam in a secure location inside one of our properties in Connecticut...

    last time we counted we had over 350 bank boxes of Nickles.. 15 or more of bank boxes are BU, or OBW or original mint wrapped, unc full boxes of any given newly minted year since 2008, new production nickles... these were exchanged at the bank with a $100 dollar bill as all boxes are, circulated nickles or not, whatever our bank manager hands us, we continue to stack em....we have talked of stopping when we reach 500 boxes... maybe? maybe not !..

    we used to search bank box halves, but have stopped that... we have a person who does all our penny sorting and sales, its profitable enough..
    the nickel is great since each is 25% nickel and 75% copper, for now..

    wish it were 75% nickel and 25% copper...

    the nickles??..maybe it will never come to anything, maybe we have wasted our time??, i think not since were at the bank at least 2-3 days a week, but i certainly know they are going to change the metal composition at some point, the law is in place basically...

    when we have shown a few close friends outside of the family?......its an awe thing!! and then a "why" thing... we all have a good laugh...


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