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Can I add that these pensions schemes are completely separate from the state pension scheme.

They are run by private investment companies, overseen by pension trustees drawn from both the employer and employees.
It will be a 401k scam in which your money gets locked with withdrawal penalties and eventually no withdrawal will be permitted. If you haven't already figured out the objective of banking & financing is to put as big a distance between you and the accessibility of your money while siphoning it off, you're in grave danger.

Most of these banks are insolvent and hiding their liabilities off balance sheet with the 'help' of the govt. They have nothing to lose squandering your money in high rolling schemes. Only an idiot would turn over his hard earned money to a group of con artists - all of whom are given implicit immunity from prosecution for massive FRAUD. Ask yourself one question. Has ANY of these crooks gone to jail since 2008.

If you still think its a good idea to leave your money in their hands and let them enact laws to gradually coerce people into their schemes & scams - you're up for a Darwin award.