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Thread: Dow on the verge, or significant bottom?

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    Default Dow on the verge, or significant bottom?

    Monthly chart going all the way back to the botton in 2009. DOW just recently bounced off the higher trend line. The lower trend line is right now about 700 points below the upper trend line. It looks like the upper trend line is the more significant one.

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    DOW will be going down as people sell off before the end of the year. Just my uneducated opinion.

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    The entire rally since March 2009 is phoney and as it was not driven by any real technological or scientific revolution that boosted productivity. The debt added on is producing a negative rate of return by a wide margin. At some point this entire rally will be retraced. It will break the neckline hard because of that added debt which is even more dead weight to the downside than in 2008.

    Some great new invention like anti-gravity or free energy needs to arise soon and to counterbalance all this wasteful spending which is producing nothing other than govt bloat and more banking aka scamming.

    My guess would be that the next big thing will likely arise out of the field of genetics. The discovery of how to slow or halt the ageing process would be worth trillions and end the debt fiasco the world over. But who knows when that is coming.

    With banking goons filing their pockets and offloading their losses onto taxpayers and fools voting in their lackeys like obama-romney, I don't have much hope for a turn around.

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    Lack of confidence, change in cap gains tax rate and possible recession next year. I would say raise cash.

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