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Thread: FX Trading Volume Plunges In Disgust Over HFT Dominance

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    Default FX Trading Volume Plunges In Disgust Over HFT Dominance

    the decline was to a major extent driven by "frustration with high-speed computer algorithms operating on the major dealing platforms." In other words, as more and more FX trading is merely robots competing with other robots to outarb each other on press releases, in the process completely crushing retail traders, and generating outsized kneejerk reactions to the tiniest of signals, any humans left are quietly shutting down their terminals and turning off the lights.
    And whom do we have to thank for the complete collapse in vol? Why Uncle Benny and his merry band of global inkjets, who, as most know by now, do everything in their power, up to and including selling VIX calls to generate reflexive, massively levered signals that "all is well", to eliminate all indication that something may be broken. Sadly, when everything is broken, the Fed's intervention no longer matters at all.

    And after equity, credit, and commodity traders have figured it out, it is about time that the carbon-based FX trading element also boycotts the manipulated cesspool formerly known as the market, until Bernanke & Co. finally go away.

    If that means an epic market crash, so be it: at least real price discovery will finally return and real trading can resume.

    They even shut the VIX down a few times, two days ago (on the -300 DOW day), because the VIX was too volatile for the market watchers.

    Why Mr. Anderson ?
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    Let the parasites feed on each other.

    Withdraw your assets from Wall Street and invest in local enterprise.
    What is the best way to invest in local enterprise?
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