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    Quote Originally Posted by woody redpecker View Post
    Just picked up 2 10 oz bars for $1.60 per oz under spot.

    ive never had any luck getting any ag under spot anywhere

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    Bought a storage unit Saturday for $150. There was a like new kenmore washer and dryer right inside the door so my money + was sitting right there. While going through the contents I found a 14k gold bracelet "3 grams", two sterling necklaces and a charm "28 grams", and a black powder pistol "my first gun in two years of doing this".
    It was a 10' X 10' unit so there is a lot of other salable items in there. I should be able to double my money and add the @$120 in gold and silver to the stack.
    I've been VERY lucky with finding gold and silver in storage units. Last year I found and sold over 5k "scrap price" in gold and silver jewelry with some occasional 90% along the way.

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    Sterling ring, hair pins, 3 bracelets, 2 necklaces and 1964 quarter. 45 grams, 18.00. The last hair pins I found weighted 6 grams sold for $125 on the bay!

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    clearing out 4 storage units that were used by a hoarder. real estate company paying us $160 per 30 yard dumpster to clear out the units. SO MUCH STUFF!!! I could fill up a 10,000 square foot thrift store with $5 and $10 items, new and old. tens of thousands of clothing items in boxes. found a few 90% coins, lots of costume jewelry, a few 14k and sterling rings. a few sterling candlesticks, $75 in loose coins, a lot of prescription pill bottles, at least 100 pairs of sunglasses, old chairs, large pieces of furniture, and only filled up 3 dumpsters so far. at least 15 more dumpsters to fill up. UNBELIEVABLE! i basically am throwing away this ladies lifetime of collecting just STUFF. oh, yes, the refridgerator was cold, and filled with non-expired food, frozen shrimp, milk, eggs, chocolates, bread, etc. obviously she was living out one of these units for a long time. SAD!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxwellsilverhammer View Post
    oh, yes, the refridgerator was cold, and filled with non-expired food, frozen shrimp, milk, eggs, chocolates, bread, etc.
    Looks like you saved on your grocery bill too
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    Picked up 4 Morgans at spot and two 10 oz dragon bars at spot from the local pawn.

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    Went out cherry picking today and pick up a couple of Johnson Matthey rounds.

    One 1988 year of the dragon 1/2 oz and a Freedom of the Press 1 oz.

    Also scored 3 10oz. Engelhard "P" series loafs.
    (Prepared for all things.)

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    Hit up a local coin show today and snagged a beautiful, original BU roll of 1964 roosies for less than spot

    These dimes are pristine too... they guy I purchased them from said he bought them sealed in their plastic tube over ten years ago and never even opened em. After I bought em, I cut the seal of tape and peeked inside... they look like they were minted yesterday! Blast white, without even the slightest mark or imperfection anywhere on them... BU-tiful!

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    A few weeks back I did get 3-1966 Canadian dimes for a buck a pop at a yard sale
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    Default picking along the way...

    my son and i just returned from a 2800 mile motorcycle ride in and through and up and down and around the Appalachians and Blue Ridge range and their valley's, mainly... we made several stops to pick, at antique stores, a few fleas, and several coin and pawns we came across.... will post a photo today of the booty, nothing crazy but all good.. we returned home last night at 9pm...unpacking this morning...


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