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    Default Love yard sales

    At a yard sale today I picked up a 2002 proof silver eagle for $45 and 2-2000 proof sets 1-2001 proof set and 2-2002 proof sets $7.00 each. Not the best deal but I'm good with it
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    had a few last week, so i am gonna say, "last week" was my latest score, the whole darn week was a good score...i hope it makes sense?


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    14k gold watch for $1.00 lol. 10k gold glasses for $40... Yesterday 3 ozt sterling $2.75.
    Great last few weeks for me, two weeks ago was 6.2 dwt of gold for $1. Typical yard sale finds... Earrings for .25 a pr. 14k/10k. All scrap to fund the stack, and keep buying, flipping and stacking. If I figured dca for my stack off dollars earned from actual job money it would be free. Lol. Typical weekend for me is 650-800 miles of gas and go.

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    Found a GORGEOUS mens Ralph Lauren Cashmere / Wool Trench Pea Coat, for $5.

    It'll sell for $400 to $500, which will be used to purchase a 10 ounce silver bar.

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    At the flea market today, bought some Sterling Bracelets, 18 grams, $5 each for 3. A Sterling Snuff box for $10 worth about $60, 40 grams of misc sterling earrings and necklaces for .25 a pair.

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    Snuff box may have antique value

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    traded a 9.8 oz bar for 15 NTR buffalos.

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    2003 Kookaburra in an airtite, perfect. $34

    He drove a black and white pirate ship at 190 mph.
    - Dale in the #3 will never be forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

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    Dad and I teamed up, via phone, on a deal he found at the local "We Buy Gold & Silver" store. An old guy happened to be there in the store who is in the process of liquidating a HUGE silver horde of 30 or 40 years, and had brought in a little pile of his stash to the store to sell.

    Store owner offered the old dude 21.5 X face, and got everything but the silver dollars. Dad got 36 Peace & Morgans for $25 each directly from the seller. The store owner was cool with it and actually encouraged Dad to buy them. They just pretty much buy silver for a couple / few bucks under spot and sell it each day for a reasonable profit. Churn & burn, and they are always busy. Great place to deal with.

    Anyway, I thought the silver dollars were a pretty good deal. He bought a couple hundred face value worth of dimes, quarters, & halves from the shop owner for a dollar under spot. Not bad, especially considering much of it was in albums, several of which were complete sets.

    I'll probably buy the loose stuff & albums off Dad. Too untidy for him. He's going to stack the silver dollars. Win for everyone!
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    Just picked up 2 10 oz bars for $1.60 per oz under spot.

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