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    Quote Originally Posted by kylesmth View Post
    Ya I realized the Eisenhowers aren't silver but I still only paid $6 for some cool looking coins
    Yep, pretty cool. You want another 100 or so?

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    74- 1964 Kennedys and some Franklins at $10.50 each

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    Default fair score, and some hot dogging of the best type!!!...

    not much luck today as far as silver bullion, stopping at 5 pawns just outside of Manhattan, NYC....

    we did achieve part of our goals today, and managed to sell a few stones down on W 47th street NYC, all diamonds, various sizes, all from being pulled from engagement and wedding and engagement bands/rings over the last couple years....we were only able to agree on a price for 11 to sell off, of the many stones we brought....i could have sold 17 at their shop, they wanted them... i decided, hemmed and hawed, and than kept the best 6 after much thought and thorough appraisal, bringing the rest back on can only be a good investment down the road, especially the 6 best !! ...all good, quick money for the one's i agreed to amazing process, 3 individual gemologists looked each stone over, as i was able to gemologist i know well enough from prior dealings...

    anyway after a few failed Pawn stops, driving out of the city we did make a final stop at a Pawn in Stamford CT, where i have done okay in the past...we found 43 assorted silver dollars, culled it appears, but all straight, not holed or bent or stained, or any damage other then a few rim nicks, etc...their asking price of $23 each, i took all 43 and we worked it out to $20 ea....each G to VG at best... all dates and details seen, a few of the Peace dollars were a bit toward the slick side...they too had a bit of bullion but it was overpriced completely IMO, and my negotiations failed miserably...

    though the silver dollars aren't my grade of 90% to stack, with POS up, they will go in the bags of other Silver dollars to move by trade or sale at some point, at that price... i assume they were priced last week ??....all parties happy enough in Stamford...

    then a real nice final stop, to a decadent, dirty, well known hole in the wall, hot dog house, famed!!! even by Martha Stewart, LOL!!!...the best and most unhealthy part of the day, other than my driving as i was told several times, by a soldier that is used to off road transport vehicles, riding in M-ATV, and MRAP vehicles in Afghanistan over the last few years...


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    latest issue of National Geographic had an ad for 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles for $168.25/ea . Bought 10 coins and paid $15 for shipping.

    Just had to listen to a sales spiel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chukar Hunter View Post
    This is what I found on the net.

    Some Eisenhower dollars were minted in a 40% silver clad to be sold to collectors. All of these coins were minted at the San Francisco Mint, with dates 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1776-1976.

    From the PCGS site:
    Silver" dollars return: Beginning with the 1971 Eisenhower dollar, silver (albeit 40% silver) dollars were again a part of the American numismatic scene. Struck in Uncirculated and Proof formats, the 40% silver Ikes were made available to collectors through the U.S. Mint. The Uncirculated version was sold in a pliofilm package housed in a navy blue envelope, earning the nickname "blue" Ike. The Proof version of the coin was housed in a large, somewhat awkward plastic holder, and came in a brown box with a gold embossed eagle design on the front, giving rise to the nickname "brown" Ike. The "blue" and "brown" sobriquets have remained in use to this day.
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    picked up 17 generic 1 oz. rounds today off of a craigs lister for $30 a pop.

    Had to buy. Been going crazy

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    Picked up a 5 oz. NCM bar & a 5 oz. Southeast Refining bar for 50 cents under spot

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    Picked up 4 Morgans and 6 Peace dollars at auction last night for $27 each, also 4 Franklins at $11 each.
    More than I would normally pay, but coming home and see the jump in POS made me feel better about it.
    Same auction; advertised as gold rings they offered choice of ring in box. Lost the first two bids then won the third at $50 for choice. I asked if the heavy ring was silver and the auctioneer said it was tested as white gold earlier that day. It looked heavy so I picked it. Came home and found that I purchased a stainless ring for $50. The auctioneer sells for me so I'm not gonna make too much of a stink. caveat emptor .

    This morning I answered two ads on craigslist. The first ad was for 2 1972 silver dollars, TWO 2001 "Silver Dollars" LOL and one Morgan Copy for $7. I offered the person via email $32 each for the 2001 "silver dollars" "picture showed eagles", I don't believe this person even knows what they are. I offered him a fair price, we'll see if he answers.
    The second ad had rolls of 90% dimes for $115. Told that person I would buy one at $115 or take them all for $105 each roll.
    I may have to do some running this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curto View Post
    latest issue of National Geographic had an ad for 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles for $168.25/ea . Bought 10 coins and paid $15 for shipping.

    Just had to listen to a sales spiel.
    Do you still have the contact information on these coins? I'd like to pick a couple of these up if you don't mind sharing.

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    Picked up a 1/20 oz. Gold panda from a guy on kijiji for $90

    Also, got my first JM 10 oz. Bar for 350 from lcs

    How did I do?

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