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Down in Mississippi closed for dredging until further notice.

11-mile stretch of Mississippi River closed
Just north of downtown Memphis on Friday, the dredge Hurley was cutting a 2,000-foot swath of river bottom to ensure that the channel is safe for vessels. The dredge is referred to as a dustpan, which means it uses a vacuum-like suction to suck up sand from the river bottom, said its captain, Frank Segree.
The Hurley can dredge to a depth of 75 feet and can remove up to 5,000 cubic yards of sediment per hour. That's enough to fill about 68 backyard swimming pools in one hour.

After the sand is removed, it is then pushed through a 1,200 foot pipeline that deposits it on the banks of the river. For safety's sake, the dredge tries to make the channel deeper than the required 9-foot mark whenever possible, Segree said.

The 350-foot long dredge is powered by three 16-cylinder engines that generate 10,000 horsepower combined, yet the vessel was moving just .12 miles per hour as it slowly removed the sand from the channel
And who cleans out the "lint trap"...

Its probably just dirty laundry...but they probably get to keep the pickings or winnings.