You heard it right - the coins with $20 face are not accepted at any Canadian bank! Today I went to CIBC- had a small urgent expence, and unfortunately no cash in my posession. I was thinking that it will be a lot easier to explain to banking officer that this coin is a legal tender..rather than to try to accomplish the same thing with Ahmed at the gas station LOL. Teller refused to exchange this coin for a $20 bill, and I called for a branch manager. Well, I wasn't succesful at explaining to this FOOL that this is a LEGAL TENDER, and the bank MUST ACCEPT IT! He suggested to go to the coin shop..
Well, I went to Royal Bank of Canada ...went directly to the branch manager and she said the following (the most foolish and stupid explanation I ever heard in my life) : This is silver, not the money..even though it has $20 face value. This is a collectable item, and can only be of interest at the pawn shop. Since this coin is made of silver, its not the money and we'll not accept it".
Fellow stackers..I can bet my life that they wouldn't tender $5 1oz Maple! Wow, never thought of the bankers as narrow minded and absolutely unprofessional people. Will be contacting CIBC and Royal Bank of Canada head office, and demand explanation...
All I can say is WOW!