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Thread: If PMs and dollar down, what has value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coindog View Post
    the key is DEBT. the govt has way to much. the banks have way to much. the only way out is to inflate the currency. there is no other way. a deflation cannot be allowed, no way to even pretend to pay then. so PMs won't really make you rich but they will keep you above water. I can't figure which is better so I have gold & silver. I don't know when but high inflation is coming. there is no other outcome with the HUGE DEBT everywhere.
    When all of that debt is defaulted on, deflation is the result. Look at housing. There is the next decade or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killver View Post
    PMs are taking a strong downward push, yet dollars buy less and less (groceries, cars, motorcycles, antiques, all sorts of daily-life stuff is sky-high)...

    Why aren't PMs, ESPECIALLY silver, which is more 55:1 instead of the 40:1 we saw not too long ago, and even 33:1 for a short time... in other words, where is the VALUE we expect from PMs when the dollar goes down in real terms?

    And silver has taken a hit just in the decreasing value vs gold: from 40:1 to 55:1 is a cheap way of reducing silver's value by THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT. So it's massively undervalued, a great deal indeed- except that you may not be able to get this back because entities who deal in billions to trillions of dollars are able easily to make silver's price literally anything- and the ratio can be messed with as we also are seeing. Too bad for PM holders like me, the long-term situation looks about as bleak as it can be: no regulation, criminals do whatever they want, no prosecution, no investigation (for example, what about the CFTC 'investigation' into silver prices? Zip.

    Is there hope for PMs?
    is there hope for Pm's? yes. nobody knows for certain how this thing will play out. silver was $50 in 1980 and then again in 2011 (31 years later) you don't lose money unless you sell at a LOSS! strong hands don't lose.

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    Dollar still pays for your expenses that do go up, like utilities and anything provided by unionized govt workers. Better sell your PMs while you still can IMO. We are still at about 4,000 on the Nasdaq 5,000 scale of measurement.

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