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Thread: Do You Really Want A Higher Silver Price?

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    I thought people were expecting silver to tank a bit in this election year as it historically does? So why the surprises?

    I know its hard to see the price go down, I bought in at 32.90 and 31.24...And it sucks seeing it go down so much knowing I couldn't waited. But isn't silvers intrinsic value based on the dollar performance? Are we not going to see a total disaster in years to come with the unbelievable situation the USD is faced with, thus sending gold and silver up?

    Just the thoughts of a noob, but even as a noob I was told that silver would go down this summer and show more strength at the end of this year into next year.

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    Default Think

    Quote Originally Posted by sound money View Post
    i this Guy smoken crack silver gas not been below 15 since the chinesse stop exporting in 2009 and became a net importer do u make up ur crap as u go along i think jpm sent u over stop trolling and baiting people if u lost money on bad bets that's ur mess alot of thing would have to change like a 16,500,000,000,000 debt. So let me know when that changes until then fiat is a bubble and it sounds like ur not prepared so plz stop discourgeing people from owning real money with no counter party risk
    Again, one bubble doesn't make the other one disappear. The fact remains that silver's price increases have outpaced pretty much anything else you can buy. That is simply unsustainable. Unfortunately, the silver spikes everyone is talking about will, in my opinion, be caused by a weakening of the USD and fiat currencies in general. And that will mean rampant inflation.

    I never have discouraged anyone from investing in silver. I have invested in silver myself and made money off of it. I am merely trying to bring a bit of balance to the ludicrous claims that silver can maintain it's current price let alone increase - in the long term (very important distinction here).

    If fiat collapses, silver may spike - but will soon follow fiat down the tubes. You can't eat silver - and food will be just about the only thing worth anything if fiat has huge problems like everyone says.

    There's a lot of bashing in general of fiat around here - but those slips of paper are what make the world go round - and every single one of us rely on them more than we realize. If and when fiat fails - or is forced to restructure (more likely in my opinion), we'll see suffering on a level we never thought possible. And my silver as well as yours won't be worth any more than rocks along the side of road.

    I highly recommend a book called Wild Swans - about what famine and inflation was like in China.

    So again I ask - do you REALLY want silver to go higher? Think carefully about what it means before you put on your moon boots.

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    All these world problems and now we can add a defective BUBBLE MACH. to the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowdownandthink View Post
    ....the silver spikes everyone is talking about will, in my opinion, be caused by a weakening of the USD and fiat currencies in general. And that will mean rampant inflation.
    Correct. That's why we're all here. To preserve our future buying power in the face of unprecedented global FIAT money printing. It has nothing to do with prices at WalMart.

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    If you bought silver looking to make a quick profit (speculator), or thinking that it would simply keep going up in price (investor), I can understand why you'd be frustrated right now. However, speculation and investments are always risky and don't always pay off.

    However, if you bought silver and other PM's to preserve wealth, you shouldn't be worried at all right now. The fundamentals (monetary inflation) which pushed me to PM's since 2008 haven't changed. In fact, the monetary base has literally been tripled over the past 3 years. The Fed is paying banks interest not to lend out the money The Fed bailed them out with. Bernanke knows that if all the money created out of thin air the past 3 years gets into circulation we will experience runaway inflation. Possibly hyper inflation as The Fed cannot raise interest rates to get inflation under control like it did in the '70's. To raise interest rates even to 4-5% would mean the US could no longer service it's debt. It would bankrupt us.

    Accordingly, The Fed's only chance of avoiding this inflationary scenario is to try and keep the money it has printed, or digitally created, to prop up the banks, from circulating. However, this makes it very difficult for people and small businesses to get loans to get the economy going again. What a mess. This is what happens when governments control the money supply. Every. Single. Time.

    The US will eventually default on it's debt via inflation. PM's will react favorably in this situation. It is not a question of if, but of when. There is no other way out. Sit tight if you are happy with your stack. If not, buy on the dips. PM's are a long term strategy to protect your wealth from the out of control monetary inflation we are presently experiencing.
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    The amount "bubbleplayers" in silver is approaching a 10 years low, gold has still twice as much "bubbleplayers" than 2008, why didn't you put your topic in the gold forum section then?
    And the markets with the most 'bubbleplayers' are the dollar and euro markets.
    So lol, if you were the postman, it would be the house address nor street nor city nor country you misread. You misread the planet name lol.
    the void

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    That link pointing to the expansion of the money supply says it all to me. Silver hasn't increased in price. There are just trillions more dollars chasing after it.

    I'm into silver for survival.

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    It would be worth discussing if the thread title simply meant if silver is overvalued.... which maybe it is.

    Silver is hardly a bubble. Price of silver would had to me much, much higher for it to be a bubble. There is a real demand for silver. No one is cooking the books on silver here.

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    if i had my choice i would have silver do inflation rate + a couple %, so like 10-15% per year would be awesome, with a little bit of volatility for buying the dips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Grace View Post
    Correct. That's why we're all here. To preserve our future buying power in the face of unprecedented global FIAT money printing. It has nothing to do with prices at WalMart.
    I'd argue it has everything to do with prices of other goods - and Walmart is the classic example. Something whose price increases by an easy 300% in a few years is not following the general steady increases we see in every other product. Unless demand for silver as an industrial metal has increased by at least 3x since basically the 2007 (the START of a recession), the increases are caused by speculators.

    And funny thing about speculators. They never seen to be in on something for the long haul. When they decide to dump, silver will crash.

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