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Thread: 5$ Silver coming soon..

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    Thanks Bro for your concern. I visit foxwoods in CT. If i go 10 times i get money 6,7times and i loose all my winning money other 3 times and may be 1 grand more. anyways i decided playing uslv/dslv is 100 times better than playing roulette and stopped going there.
    i used to play poker at foxwoods from about the time they opened when the poker room was still upstairs. more recently ive discovered the 1/1 nl game at mohegan. terrible players and less risked then a 2/4 limit game. i played as hi as 20/40 limit at foxwoods although its an insane game. mohegan is nicer anyway.
    4/8 at foxwoods has better players at it then most games i played in vegas. i could feel more confident playing 15/30 at bellagio then those 4/8 games at foxwoods. every brainiac from the northeast is at that 4/8 game. they cant afford to play 10/20 and 5/10 has a kill which sucks and 2/4 is almost as bad as playing slot machines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curto View Post
    just like playing with the wrong way bettors at the craps table...
    Quote Originally Posted by sam1985 View Post
    hello i didnt get you sir.

    Betting on the Don't Pass Line.

    Craps, the best game in Vegas. I love me some craps.

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