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Thread: Least favorite silver coin or round?

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    Recycled design + us government + high premium = no beuno for me

    Let's face it, many people stack because they do not have faith in the gov to keep inflation in check. Then why pay inflated prices for a silver us coin ?

    I suppose I should quantify my statement ....... Least favorite stackable coin as
    I do favor the original design on the walking lib

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    5 ounce ATB...just so much wasted potential with the giant head of George Washington. I do like the edge printing, but keeping the .25 denomination and pumping them out in such rapid succession? Stupid IMHO.

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    The Canadian maple in it's generic state I think is terrible. But I just purchased a reverse proof type (with titanic privy (nerd)).. and it's one of my most eye pleasing rounds.
    "Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguadulce View Post
    The Canadian maple in it's generic state I think is terrible. But I just purchased a reverse proof type (with titanic privy (nerd)).. and it's one of my most eye pleasing rounds.

    Why not get a 100 year anniversary Titanic coin not round as you described, rather than the privy scam that is smaller than an under-weight baby's pinky finger nail. It's pretty hard for a privy of that size to have any detail.

    Anyways as the creator of the World's biggest and most complete/indepth trashing of the cougarsaurus - goggle it. My vote lies here for obvious reasons. It ruined the Wildlife series and still isn't sold out yet with only 1 million minted due to it's utter failure on oh so many levels. How could William Wordsworth the artist allow that piece of work to be his best renderance of a Mountain Lion - a very majestic animal and my favorite of all creatures large and small what an injustice.

    The next would be the Queen Jubilee coin in the $20 for $20 series, the creator of this managed to take the worst part of the Maple and put it on both sides wow. Once again the Rcm allowed 1 fail coin to ruin another great series.

    To round the list off at 3 Canadian series ruined/disappointed stackers world-wide is the 1964 Cad Silver dollar. Canada ran 5 special coins from 1935 -1967 rather than the common canoe back on the rest. Anyways this one is so blaaa. I actually got a mint looking one in the mail today, it's not my first but so blaaa. It's a 1864-1964 Charlottetown/Quebec coin with a little circle in the middle with a lucky charm and an ugly flower and 2 coat of arm type pieces in this little circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hernando Cortez View Post
    2011 brittanias design sucks. Cougar from rcm sucks..englehard bar and matthey...please change logo. Maple leaf do same. Anybody see the nice dragon design of pamp suisse silver bar? That's how the stuff's supposed to be done.
    +1 on those britannias, and not just the 2011, they are all pretty lame. At least they do try to change it up every year but IMO they are the most butt ugly coin produced.

    As mentioned 64 kennedy design is absolutely horrible as well but as also mentioned I stack them too due to the fact they are always about uncirculated or better and always had for under spot price.
    Buy Low Sell High

    Keeping it simple with the Eagles, Maples and Krugs....

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    Dang chadilac you are legitimately mad! That was one of the better rants I've heard in a while.
    "Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it."

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    Always interesting to read what others think about coins. And to see some mention as their least favorites some of my favorites. Such as the Franklin Half. I also like the "Mercury" dime, SL Quarter, and Walking Liberty Half.

    I can't say I really don't like any in particular. But, I guess if you twist my arm I'd have to say the Barber coins. What a boring time for US coinage, with dimes, quarters and half dollars sharing the same dull mythical portrait. I buy them sometimes for their numismatic value. But, they're sure dull, IMO.

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    The worst US silver are WWII jefferson nickels. in circulated condition they look bad... high grade MS & Proofs are ok. at 35% silver they are hard to refine. worst world coin I'd say the Mexico Un Peso. those big coins with 10%silver I'd rather them to be like those casino coins with the silver center then an alloy of 90% junk.

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    Default ugly dollar

    I think the Peace dollar is the ugliest coin out there. saw my first one when I was about 8 or so and it just hit me the wrong way.

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    Easy the cougar then any damn painted silver coin, next graded modern bullion.
    Then I hate fake rainbow toned coins and last but not least cleaned coins...
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