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Thread: How many you plan to buy 75th anniversary set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coindog View Post
    It's my choice I can give them any label I want. the idea is people know what you are referring to when you use a label and if that's what they are called that's what they will be known by. the five cent coin (nickel to everybody) with the indian on the obverse is called the buffalo nickel. so the people speak and that's how it is known
    Sure you can call them "turds from the Gods" if you want. But facts don't change just because we want them to. So when they issue them next year too, are you going to call them 76th Anniversary Sets?

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    the mint plan to sell this 2 pc set annually. that's why the mint did not use 75th anniversary. is that possible?.

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    I do not plan to buy any of the "Turds from the Gods" sets myself. Too much premium for an annual Turd set.
    You can't take it with you, so give it to me and I'll bring it along when I go there.

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    I'd like to get one set as a accessory for my ASE's, but that premium...looks pretty scary to me (not much of a coin guy)

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    Why on Earth would people call them the 75th Anniversary set? Where did you get 75 from?

    I might buy a single turd set too because I collect them as a numismatist. This way I keep the streak alive.

    Now regarding the 25th Anniversary set, I have 5 sealed in the box for investment flipping purposes and one in the OGP as part of my collection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrabbit View Post
    Yea your right except you're wrong. The US Mint is not calling them that. Sure you can call them anything you want, you can call them "turds from the Gods", but it doesn't change facts.
    Historically, it makes no difference to a coin's value if it's a commemorative or some anniversary offering. I could care less what they call them...the important thing is that they have that nice S mintmark, unlike any other proof eagle, regular or reverse. How many millions of regular proof eagles are out there? All collections will need what could be the only S proof in the series, so a mintage around 500k would be fine. It's that S mintmark remember that added to the value of the 25th set. We don't know if the Mint will ever issue an S eagle again in uncirculated or proof. I kinda' doubt it on the proof, unless they start making all the proofs there, and the S on Uncirculated coins will likely remain the domain of the anniversary sets. I like getting 2 unique coins, plus they're the 2 nicest coins of the run. All in a neat lil' package of 2, without the added waste of 3 other regular coins. Each mint item is different, but I'd expect an immediate premium of some sort, growing slowly with time, never falling, only rising, until it reaches heights that can cause vertigo. I just don't see any risk whatsoever, unless the price of silver goes back to the 10-18 range, and I'll be ordering plenty, and quickly. You never can tell if/when the Mint may cry uncle and cease taking orders. Have they announced how many per order. Mintage may be by demand, but only 3 sets per order. We'll see.

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    Nope, the mint can keep these ...I wouldnt want it.

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    I haven't seen an official price anywhere yet. How much is the mint asking?

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    I'll tell you what, sports fan, anybody who thinks that the American Silver Eagle has been around for 75 years deserves to be confused by this commemorative US Mint 75th Anniv. set! SF is my home town, and we are very proud of our mint's history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrabbit View Post
    2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set

    ^^^^ is what the mint is calling them..I do not see anything about the 75th anniversary, so I would have to agree with jackrabbit

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