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Thread: How many you plan to buy 75th anniversary set?

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    Default How many you plan to buy 75th anniversary set?

    how many you plan to buy this coming 2012s 75th anniversary american eagle silver dollars two pieces set?. are you sending for grading?. how much you think it can go up?. give your opinion and thanks.

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    Its not a 75th anniv., its not a anni. set in any way. Its just a two coin set from the San fran mint, its got a proof and a rev proof, both will be marked with a S mint mark. It will be on sale for exactly 1 month and there is no limited to how many you can order. i could order 500,000 or a 10,000,000 for just my own personal collection if i felt like it. Sadly most people will buy these assuming 2-3x returns like the 25th anni and they will get burned. Most likely they will not hold their value and i forsee poeple unloading them 6mo to 1 year after the sale desperate to reclaim some of their invested cash. I plan on buy 1 of these sets, not from the mint, but from ebay for a fraction of what the mint charged.

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    Default I'll have the usual

    I plan on buying 2 sets just like the other special ASE sets. I see sales in the same range as the regular proof ASE so not much upside except for whatever silver does. I don't grade any modern bullion I like the OGPs.

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    To celebrate the sf mints 75th I am planning on going on the public tour on may 15th. I will probably buy a set to remember my trip.

    Collector value of the thinks not so much.

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    gonna grab a set and then some i imagine..see how it unfolds.. like the reverse proofs, they are very pretty... but like cheap silver better,, old Connecticut Yankee here!!!..


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    I’ve got a few sealed 25th Anniversary Sets, and I plan to get the same number of the new SF Mint 75th Sets. According to the picture on the US Mint website, the 2 sets look to be packaged and displayed in similar presentation cases. And the 2 new proof coins are S-Mint versions of the 2 proof coins in the 2011 set. So I’ll keep them together and may try to sell them as sort of matching sealed OGP sets.

    With “demand” mintage this time, there will be a much greater number of these sets sold. But they’ll be available for less than a month (4 week to be exact), and their value goes up once the Mint stops selling them. That’s the way it always works. Nothing like the immediate 100% premium on the 2011 sets, of course, but there will be some increase in value after Mint stops selling them on July 5th. In any case, the value of the new OGP sets won't go down (The Mint is prevented by law from charging an exorbitant premium up front, so we know we won't lose money on these unless the price of silver tanks).

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    Default my choice

    Quote Originally Posted by jackrabbit View Post
    It's my choice I can give them any label I want. the idea is people know what you are referring to when you use a label and if that's what they are called that's what they will be known by. the five cent coin (nickel to everybody) with the indian on the obverse is called the buffalo nickel. so the people speak and that's how it is known

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    This set is commemorating the 75th ANNIVERSARY of the SF mint. Sounds like an anny set to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by callaway29 View Post
    This set is commemorating the 75th ANNIVERSARY of the SF mint. Sounds like an anny set to me...
    Yea your right except you're wrong. The US Mint is not calling them that. Sure you can call them anything you want, you can call them "turds from the Gods", but it doesn't change facts.

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