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Thread: Good chance of a big drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerJ View Post
    1) Check post time. When I wrote the price was still steady and started dropping 15 or so minutes later.
    2) I didn't write JUST for today but as an outlook for the next few days.
    No im saying that you only post stuff like this after silver seems like its going to move in a direction...whether or not you will be right about the final price is yet to be seen.

    But from april 19th to about 24th there was a steady drop, lost almost a dollar in a few days....then you come out with a prediction it will keep dropping to whatever price. To me that isn't a prediction your just going with the swing of it.

    To me its just the same if silver went up a few days in a row and then you have people predicting it will go higher

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    I see what you are saying and to a point it is correct. The incorrect part, which you have no clear knowledge of is that I don't live on this site and I frequent it less than before. I posted my thread as a service, I guess, to those who might have thought exactly what you posted; it's down a buck, let's buy like Soviets in the toilet paper line.

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    I appreciate the input Homer.

    Where were you apirl last year?

    Oh yeah, thats right.
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