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    Default First thread/BRICS

    Hi everyone. long time lurker, first time caller.

    I started stacking in december just a few months ago and am now addicted.

    at first i was looking for an alternative to keeping money in the bank.(im 23 i see this as 5-10 year plan) now i think in silver. 30$ dinner/1oz dinner samething.

    i noticed things have been slow on the forums so i thought i would participate.

    read an interesting artical this morning

    encouraging trade in local currency.

    bad news for the dollar/good news for silver in the long run, or the opposite? still trying to figure all this stuff out.

    what do you think?

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    I hope the Leaders of the BRICS group succeed in leveling the playing field. I'm getting sick and tired of the "inflation induced" wars cropping up in the middle east driven by the devalued dollar and the US/European allies interferring under the name of "rising democracy".

    Here's another BRICS article I posted on Facebook earlier in the week:

    Totally agree with your quote "bad news for the dollar/good news for silver in the long run"

    In a related note, I saw Ron Paul last night in Madison, WI amongst 5200 others and his message keeps resonating in my head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W9ARcher View Post
    In a related note, I was Ron Paul last night in Madison...
    If you were Ron Paul, who was he?
    "If they could get the middle class, along with the poor, to envy the rich, they could control the largest voting bloc and seize all the power they'd need." - Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

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    now there are two RP's still not enough delegates i bet..


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    BRIC ..they are about to give the finger, yes the middle one to the "world bank"....they will be in one way shape of form initiating an alternative..

    "times are a changin, its blowin in the wind"


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    i like to rename BRICS as CRIBS

    china received warm welcome and departure from MBS

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    I see in my crystal ball that the fellow with the beard his legs won't carry him very long...


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